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Chicago Style Citations – How We Can Help

The Chicago style of citing the sources you used for your research is by far the most complicated of the three citing styles.

Usually seen in universities, the Chicago style can sometimes also be seen being introduced in colleges.

There are a lot of rules and regulations to follow when using the Chicago citation system and if they aren’t followed to the letter, you may find yourself loosing valuable marks or even failing altogether.

Why Cite Sources?

Correctly citing your work is important for several reasons.

As stated above, if you don’t cite your work properly and in the requested style, following all of the rules, then you may find you fail your assignment. This can lead to a lower grade average and effect your overall grade.

Correctly citing your work shows your professors that you have out the time and effort into researching your theories and aren’t just spouting nonsense. It shows that you are committed to producing the best work you can.

It also eliminates the possibility of accidental plagiarism. Of course you’ve written your paper in your own words, but if you use a quote from someone for example, and don’t correctly credit the original writer, that will flag up as plagiarism.

When you have been instructed to cite your sources, the fact that plagiarism is unintentional is almost irrelevant – it still shows that you haven’t completed the assignment as instructed.

Why Use the Chicago Citation Generator?

Cite It In’s Chicago style reference generator gives you everything you need for citation, ensuring it meets the standards set out in the Chicago manual of style. Citation generator means you don’t have to spend hours reading and deciphering the manual.

In fact, using citeitin.com Chicago manual style citation generator is a better option that the manual, as out software constantly updates to stay ahead of any changes made to the citation style.

How The Chicago Style Citation Generator Can Work for You

CiteItIn uses a really simple process for our Chicago reference generator.

Select the format of your source, for example, it could be an eBook, a journal, a newspaper or a video to name a few.

Add the particular source you have chosen. You can add such as the title, the author name, the version etc. and allow us to search it out for you. Alternatively, if it is an inline source, simply enter the link and out system will auto fill the details for you.

Carry on adding sources to generate your bibliography. Make sure you have at least the minimum number of sources that your professor required. And make sure to add every source you used. Give the credit where it’s due!

Choose which system you are using – choose from citation generator Chicago, citation generator MLA or citation generator APA.

Your bibliography is now ready to download and use. Easy right? Much easier than learning the entire rules and workings of the Chicago citation system that’s for sure!

And to make Cite It In even more appealing, the great news is that all of our citation systems generators are completely free. So whether you need help with Chicago style citation or MLA or APA citations, you have come to the right place.

Look after your time and wallet with Cite It In!