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Chicago Citation Website – We’re Here to Help!

Do you cringe back in horror when your professor tells you that your assignment has to use the Chicago citation system? If you do, you are not alone.

The Chicago citation system, also known as the Turabian citation system is by far the most complex of the citing systems. Used mostly in universities, the Chicago citation system often replaces the previously used APA and MLA citation systems you will have used when in lower educational levels.

Don’t worry if you need help with ALA or MLA citations too, we offer all three – simply visit the relevant pages.

Chicago Website Citation

An informative and well written paper are usually the key things on a student’s mind when thinking about their grades. However, it doesn’t matter how well you write if you don’t cite your sources correctly.

Uncited quotes will flag up as plagiarism, and this will result in a much lower mark – often even an outright fail.

Use Cite It In’s Chicago website citation generator to ensure that that doesn’t ever happen to you.

Why Use citeitin.com as your Chicago Style Citation Generator Website of Choice?

Firstly, let’s ask ourselves why we need to use website citation in Chicago style at all.

Citing in the Chicago style means you need to be able to completely cite all sources on both your bibliography and in your text. With the Chicago style, you need to be able to add complex foot notes to your pages to further cite your sources.

All of that sounds pretty complicated and time consuming right? And of course don’t forget that there’s every chance that once you learn to manually cite Chicago style, that the rules may well change.

Using a Chicago style citation website ensures that you don’t lose marks for errors that could easily be avoided and gives you more time to concentrate on writing and editing your essay.

CiteItIn’s Chicago style website citation software is constantly updated. It was designed by leading web design experts coupled with university professionals, bringing you the best of both worlds.

Which Sources Can Cite It In Help with?

When using the Chicago citation system, it’s important to remember that different sources are formatted differently. Something as simple as forgetting to include the year the material was produced, or even a wrongly inserted coma in the citation can be the difference between gaining a mark or not.

When using a complex citation system like the Chicago system, it is so important to get all of the formats correct.

Which is why Cite It In have developed software to produce citations for the following mediums:

  • Websites and online articles
  • Magazines
  • Academic journals
  • Text books – both on and offline
  • Video media
  • Academic or statistical reports

These are the most commonly used sources, but if you have different sources that aren’t included on this list, we can still cite them for you. Simply manually enter the details of the source and we do the rest.

Don’t get caught out and lose marks (or even a whole grade level) by failing to cite your research materials correctly. Use our free Chicago style citation generator today to make sure all of your citations are word perfect!