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Citing Your Assignments – APA Style

There are three types of referencing styles that are typically used in academic research – APA style, MLA style and Chicago style. CiteItIn can help students with all three. On this page, we will be concentrating on our APA style reference generator, but if you are looking for help with the other styles, please feel free to check out those pages too.

APA is most commonly used in referencing work within the social sciences fields, and it is mostly used at a college and university academic level.

How To Cite Using APA

Citing correctly through any system requires students to learn a whole bunch of rules – which then change – and change again. Keeping up with the accepted practices is time consuming and frustrating, which is why we recommend using the APA style citation generator at citeitin.com to generate your references and bibliography free and easily.

You can of course choose to buy the manual and attempt to keep up with those changes, but with our free APA format reference generator at your fingertips, why stress out? Let citeitin.com complete your APA referencing quickly for you – our system is constantly being updated to reflect any and all rules changes and guidelines.

When Will I Need The APA in Text Citation Generator?

The APA style of citation is used mainly on the following types of academic papers:

  • Dissertations
  • Scientific journals
  • Academic articles
  • Lab reports
  • Research and term papers
  • Empirical studies
  • Case studies
  • Coursework
  • Literature reviews
  • Theoretical papers

As you can see from the list, the APA style of referencing is widely used in a lot of academic papers, so the tools we offer at Cite It In are invaluable to you.

How Can Our APA Style Reference Generator Help?

Our APA reference generator can help by adding sources into the main body of your text and by generating a comprehensive bibliography to accompany your work.

Our APA citation generator can include the following sources:

  • Books both paper and eBooks – Simply enter the relevant information and we can generate correct quotes that are properly referenced.
  • Journals – Academic journals are a fantastic was to back up any statistical data your present, and we can make sure you do it correctly.
  • Newspapers and Magazines – These are great sources for any current events assignments, and if the journalist and source are credible, they can add some back up to your arguments. Whether online or in print, we can cite these correctly for you.
  • Video media – This could be a documentary, a YouTube video or a TV programme. The referencing for video media is very different to the referencing of print media. We know the differences so you don’t have to.
  • Websites – Websites can be invaluable, as you are certain they are credible sources. For example, Wikipedia is a terrible source as the information is unverified. Using the right websites can make your research a lot easier, and by using Cite It In to generate your references, your bibliography just became a lot easier too.

Use Our APA Citation Generator Free!

That’s right – our citation generator is not only easy to use, it’s totally free as well. We know that cash flow can be a big worry for students, and using Cite It In means that you can save time and money!