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APA Style Referencing for Websites – Why Is It Important?

Sometimes it can feel like citing your online sources is something your professor wants you to do that just wastes your time. It can feel like you’re dedicating time to it that could be best served further researching, writing and editing your paper.

Remember, your professor isn’t doing it just to waste your time. They’re doing it because it’s a necessary part of academic writing – citing correctly shows respect for a fellow academic’s work, and shows that you don’t need to steal other people’s ideas. You have enough of your own! Correctly citing websites is a part of the writing process that you can easily accomplish using the APA format website citation generator at citeitin.com.

It might seem ok to use works from websites – after all they’re free and available to the public – but just because something is easy to find doesn’t mean it doesn’t belong to someone.

Still Think Using Our APA Web Citation Generator Is a Waste of Time?

Then think of it this way. Imagine you write an article on your website. Think of all the time and energy you put into your article. Researching it, writing it, editing it, formatting it, generating correct citations.

Now, imagine a student comes along who is researching a paper in your field, and they stumble across your article and decide to include some of your ideas into their work. Great, you think, I’m helping another student. Now I will start to be recognised as an expert in my field for sure. Wouldn’t you want them to use the APA style website citation generator?

Now imagine that the student doesn’t bother to reference your website. They pass your ideas off as their own. They don’t bother using the APA format website citation generator. They don’t even bother attempting to cite your website themselves. Would you be mad? Of course, you would. It’s your work. Not theirs.

And this is why we must respect the intellectual property of others. Stealing someone else’s work is just wrong.

Even if you can get past the moral objections, remember that your professor will run your work through a plagiarism checker, and when unreferenced copied material flags up, you may well fail the assignment, or even by removed from the course if you are a repeat offender.

Don’t Be “That Guy”

So now you know how annoying it would be to have your work stolen, don’t be the one who does it to someone else. You are better than that.

We at CiteItIn know that the ever changing rules of the APA citation system can be a nightmare to keep up with. Which is why our software is constantly being updated to match the latest guidelines. You can use Cite It In’s APA website reference generator for all of your website referencing needs, making sure you’re never “that guy”.

Our APA citation generator for websites is quick and easy to use, and it makes sure that your in text citations and bibliography is correctly formatted and includes all the relevant information.

Using our APA web citation generator ensures that there is no unintentional plagiarism with quotes clearly marked.

Simply enter the link of the webpage you used and Cite It In’s retrieval software will do the rest, generating you a ready to insert citation and full bibliography that will show you to be a respectful, intelligent member of the academic community.