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Welcome to Cite It In, your friendly go-to site for all of your citation needs!

Cite It In is a website that offers free citation services for students at high school, college and university.

We understand that citing your research materials can be time consuming and often complicated, and we want to help to take the pressure off you a little bit.

We can help you with your citation needs using the APA citation system, the MLA citation system and the dreaded Chicago citation system.

We know that you don’t want to lose marks due to unintentional plagiarism and we know that you want to gain the highest marks that you can.

No one wants to spend hours and hours writing the best paper of their lives, only to lose marks because their citations weren’t formatted correctly. That just seems unfair doesn’t it?

And that’s why Cite It In was developed. To help students just like you to correctly cite their research materials without having to dedicate time to reading the manuals and then keeping an eye out for the ever changing rules.

We offer this service free because we genuinely want to help the next generation of graduates to succeed.

We are so glad you found us!

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